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Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if children’s drawings were real? Wonder no more. Viral Instagram sensation ‘Things I Have Drawn‘ does just that – and the results are amazing!

You probably have seen this pass by on your feed recently, my kids are crazy about them, and we spent a large amount of time, laughing at these spectacularly funny and slightly disturbing imaginary animals (lol) – And a huge congrats to the dad, Tom, who has some serious photoshop and 3D skills!

8-year-old Dom and 6-year-old Al are brothers who love to doodle, and then Dad Tom painstakingly transforms their creations into photorealistic scenes. Join the family on a trip to the zoo and laugh your socks off at all of the weird and wonderful creatures, including a gurning goat, a terrifying polar bear and a rather smug looking flamingo.

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