Peter Kay documentary title ‘incredibly misleading’, says comedian’s representative | UK News


A representative for Peter Kay has criticised a documentary about the comedian for having a “very misleading title”, and said the star was not involved in the show “at all”.

Kay, who has taken a break from performing, is the subject of a Channel 5 documentary called Peter Kay Comedy Genius: In His Own Words, scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday evening.

In a statement posted to the 46-year-old’s 746,000 followers on Twitter, a representative has criticised the title.

It said: “Very flattering of Channel 5 to commission the programme going out tonight, but just to let people known that ‘Peter Kay: In His Own Words’ has an incredibly misleading title, as it doesn’t feature any new interviews with Peter and all the footage is completely historic.”

It continued: “The title also gives the impression that Peter has been involved in the making of this documentary, which he hasn’t. At all.”

Kay, whose Twitter has been silent since 11 October, cancelled his live tour in December 2017 due to “unforeseen family circumstances”.

At the time, the comic said his “family must always come first” and that the decision to cancel his first live tour in eight years was “not taken lightly”.

Channel 5 has been contacted for comment.

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