Thursday, September 24, 2020
    Fashion April's Jinsol asks netizens to stop making slowed gifs...

    April’s Jinsol asks netizens to stop making slowed gifs of herself in short outfits ~ Netizen Buzz


    Article: April’s Jinsol expresses pain over sexual harassment posts, “Gifs of me slowed down in short outfits… I really hate it”

    Source: Mydaily via Nate

    1. [+503, -56] These sex criminals have no problem sexually harassing a minor and then hating on her when she expresses that she doesn’t like it…

    2. [+473, -63] It’s wrong for people to do that but I also think her agency is a part of the problem for dressing a minor in such revealing clothes on stage

    3. [+349, -122] Stupid Korean men, they don’t even know what the issue is

    4. [+62, -8] There are tons of sex criminals on some male community sites… it’s disgusting

    5. [+54, -7] Yes, her agency is problematic for dressing her like that, but you can also help by not making those gifs. You guys are sex criminals;

    6. [+54, -13] It really is disgusting.. why do they do it?? Do you really want to make gifs like that of a minor..? I see some comments blaming her agency but you guys are a bigger agency. Stop mumbling about her agency to justify your own actions, it’s vomit-inducing.

    7. [+53, -7] I bet all the comments whining about her agency having blame as well are 100% men

    8. [+40, -7] Why is she getting hate when she’s just asking people not to make sexual gifs of her? ㅋ Korean men are amazing.

    9. [+23, -5] It’s extremely brave of her to write something like this as a young idol… I don’t know why anyone would want to do this to someone just barely 20 years old…

    10. [+19, -3] It’s all over YouTube as well, there needs to be some kind of restriction on this stuff

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