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    Fashion Jpop Recommend #316 Walking with you by Novelbright

    Jpop Recommend #316 Walking with you by Novelbright


    Walking with you


    Released in October 2018, this song was one of the songs in their 2nd album, “SKYWALK”.  The band is still new but their live street performance released on youtube and the vocal’s strong high-tone voice caught many attention.  

    I especially liked this song and look forward to hearing more from this band in the coming years.

    Any comment about this blog is highly appreciated.  Requests to pick up any singer or song are always welcome!

    Japanese pronunciation
    English translation

    数え  切れない  ほど  の  想い を
    kazoe-kirenai hodo no omoi wo 
    The countless feelings
    今   なら  きっと あなた に 届く     ように 叫ぶ     よ
    ima nara kitto   anata ni todoku youni sakebu yo
    I shout loud so that it will reach you now

    いつ  からか その  目  に   映る     景色     全て   が
    itsu karaka sono me ni utsuru keshiki subete ga
    I don’t know since when but all the scenery reflected on my eyes
    まるで     光    の  無い  闇    の  中    を   見て いる よう
    marude hikari no nai yami no naka wo mite iru  you
    seems like looking at the dark without any light
    悲しみ      に  怯え 逃げ    出しそう に なった 時
    kanashimi ni obie nige-dashisou ni natta toki
    When I was overwhelmed with sorrow and start to run away
    あなた が  くれた 言葉     に 救われたんだ      よ
    anata ga kureta kotoba ni sukuwaretanda yo
    the word you gave me saved me

    鏡        に   映る   自分  が  徐々に 徐々に
    kagami ni utsuru jibun ga jyoni   jyoni 
    Slowly the own figure shown on the mirror
    魔法    が  かかった  ように 変わって いく けど
    mahou ga kakatta youni   kawatte iku kedo
    turn as like a magic
    相変わらず  無邪気     な  笑顔  の
    aikawarazu mujyaki na egao no
    But with unchanged innocent smile
    あなた を 見て  いたい から
    anata wo mite itai    kara
    I want to keep on looking at you

    数え   切れない ほど の   想い  を
    kazoe-kirenai hodo no omoi wo 
    The countless feelings
    いつまで   も  贈り    続けてくんだ     ずっと  ずっと 先  も
    itsumade mo okuri-tsuzuketekunda zutto zutto saki mo 
    I will keep on giving it to you for ever and ever
    繰り返し     心       に   誓う   よ
    kurikaeshi kokoro ni chikau yo
    I will promise it in my heart again and again
    手 を   握り ずっと そば に いるんだ そして    決して    離さない  よ
    te wo nigiri zutto soba ni irunda    soshite keshite hanasanai yo
    I will hod your hand and stay by your side  I won’t let it go

    I make up self mind.
    that I’m just keeping to go my Chose way from now on.
    somebody cannot stop me.
    No matter what you said,
    No matter what you thought.

    心       が  折れかけ   諦めそう    な   時   も
    kokoro ga orekake akiramesou na toki mo 
    Even when my heart is broken and almost ready to give up
    何    も   言わず ただ     抱きしめて くれた
    nani mo iwazu tada dakishimete kureta
    you held me tight without saying anything

    時々       君    の  言葉    は   理不尽 で
    tokidoki kimi no kotoba wa rifujin de
    Sometimes your words are irrational
    苛立ち    を   覚える ような   瞬間     も   ある  けど
    iradachi wo oboeru youna shunkan mo aru kedo
    and there are a moment it makes me irritate 
    そんな  君   が  僕     は   愛しくて    この  手 で  守りたい
    sonna kimi ga boku wa itoshikute kono te de mamoritai
    But I still love you in such ways and want to protect you with my own hands

    移り   変わり  行く    季節    を
    utsuri-kawari yuku kisetsu wo 
    Ever-changing seasons
    この  目  で   あなた と 眺めて     いたい な
    kono me de anata to nagamete  itai   na
    I want to keep watching together with you 
    どんな 色   でも    愛する こと が できそう
    donna iro demo aisuru koto ga dekisou
    I feel like I can love any color
    絵 に 描いた ような 幸せ         を    掴み     取ろう
    e ni egaita youna shiaawase wo tsukami-torou
    Let’s grab the happiness like in the picture

    50      年   後 の  未来  も  きっと
    gojyu-nen to no mirai mo kitto 
    In the future 50 years from now
    知らぬ   間  に    幸せ      の  意味 を 見つけ   出して   いるんだ
    shiranu ma ni shiawase no imi wo mitsuke-dashite irunda
    I will find out the meaning of happiness without knowing
    世界    中    の   誰   よりも  ずっと
    sekai-jyuu no dare yorimo zutto 
    Any other person in this world
    この   先   も   あなた と  二人 で  もっと もっと  前   へ 歩きたい Oh..
    kono saki mo anata to futari de motto motto mae e arukitai
    I want to be with you forever and keep on moving forward
    輝く           星    の  ような   君  と  なら
    kagayaku hoshi no youna kimi to nara
    If I’m with you who are like a shining star
    数え    切れない ほど の  願い  を
    kazoe-kirenai hodo no negai wo 
    The countless wishes
    いくら でも   叶えて   行ける はず さ
    ikura demo kanaete ikeru hazu sa
    I’m sure we can make them all come true
    何度   だって ずっと
    nando datte zutto 
    Again and again forever
    We can do it.

    Any comment about this blog is highly appreciated.  Requests to pick up any singer or song are always welcome!

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