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I want to cosplay eclipsa from star vs the forces of evil but I need to know where to find a hat like eclipsa’s for my cosplay. Any tips or advice?


I would look for a “large sunhat” or “wide brim sunhat” which should give you the shape you are looking for. You should be able to find a black one pretty easily, but you could also colour one using paint or dye (depending on the material.)

Maybe you want to make the hat from scratch? If so, check out this tutorial. If you are making the brim quite large, you will need something to support it so it sits right. I recommend a heavier weight interfacing or buckram or running a wire in the outside-edge of the brim, between the layers of fabric.She has some decorations attached to the hat as well. You can easily add these yourself by gluing them to the base-hat, attaching them to a ribbon that ties around the hat, or poking them through the straw of a straw hat.

Stick: You could use an actual stick for the stick, or you could get the exact shape by creating your own. You could make it out of worbla, 3D print it or wrap tape around a wire. Floral departments of craft stores might have real or fake sticks you could use as well.

Fluff: Fur or feathers can be used to get a fluffly look. If you want something more stiff you could use foam. Fabric might also be an option if you’re looking for a different texture.

Hope this helps!

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