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So I’m thinking about spraypainting some faux leather Doc Martin-type boots. This won’t really be for cosplay, I’ll be using them for everyday use. But do you have any recommendations for spraypaint that is light blue/sky blue but is also durable and waterproof?

Hello there!

What I would recommend isn’t spraypaint, but rather a leather paint. The difference is that leather paint is soft and flexible and can adhere well to the types of materials that shoes are made out of, where spray paint is not at all flexible and will flake off easily.

Angelus brand leather paint is very popular, comes in many colors, and can be purchased at most US craft stores, and the brand I would recommend.

If you absolutely have to spray paint, I would get Designmaster Colortool spray, which is meant for faux flowers, since it will be softer and more flexible than other spray paints, though it still won’t have quite the effect of a leather paint.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff / Twitter

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