Thursday, September 24, 2020
    Play Anime Boku no Hero Academia – 79 – Random Curiosity

    Boku no Hero Academia – 79 – Random Curiosity


    「掴めガキ心」 (Tsukame Gaki Kokoro)
    “Win Those Kids’ Hearts”

    This post is going to be relatively short, because this was a setup episode of the purest kind. And a pretty funny one too! Though that just makes writing about it harder. I could talk about how how the girls hate Cammie or how Bakugou is a brutish idiot or how Inasa is just so, so pure, and I laughed at all of the above! But explaining comedy kind of kills the deal, so moving on.

    I quite enjoyed how it was hypothesized that Cammie was Toga’s target because she’s so ditzy it took people days to figure out what went down, not the least because we get a new idiot character (& quirk) to explore while she’s functionally a new character as well. But without a doubt, my favorite part of the episode were the commentators. Both of them! The silly-serious way they went about it was just so good, and Present Mic in particular—Yoshino Hiroyuki is just the perfect seiyuu for this character! Definitely the funniest part of the episode, outside of some sick burns.

    As for the challenge itself, it’s funny and uniquely interesting to have the young heroes face off against even younger disaffected citizens. All because of one kid with a poisoned tongue, I suspect. The solution doesn’t seem hard to me: just ward off all of their attacks flawlessly while continuing the discourse, asking questions throughout while never missing a beat. No biggie, right?



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