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    Play Anime Boku no Hero Academia – 80 – Random Curiosity

    Boku no Hero Academia – 80 – Random Curiosity


    「ホッコれ仮免講習」 (Hokkore Karimen Koushuu)
    “Relief for License Trainees”

    Most battles in HeroAca are win-lose. Right? Either the heroes win, or the villains win. This time, though, was different. It was a unique challenge in that the heroes could not just beat up their adversaries and rescue the victims, because there were no victims, and because their adversaries were kids. They had to win without making villains of them. They had to win without the kids realizing they’ve lost.

    Their solution was, of course, brilliant. They made an amusement park ride! It not only demonstrated their superior skill and control, but it did it in a way that made (most of) the kids not even realize what was going on. But best of all (aside from bishies Shouto and bishie Bakugou) was that it was all Bakugou’s idea. It just goes to show you once again that ol’ Katsuki isn’t the hotheaded idiot he sometimes (often) seems to be—a reminder that was only enhanced with his advice to the mastermind kid.

    “If you keep looking down on everyone, then you won’t notice your own weaknesses.”

    Spoken as someone who’s done just that, and is learning from his mistakes. No wonder the kid was swayed. That’s wisdom hard earned.

    The other big moment involved Endeavor. It was a great culmination of his conversation with All Might, punctuated by this thought: Endeavor is trying. Trying to make up for his faults, his weaknesses, trying to repent for his sins. Never let it be said that one who does wrong cannot make up for it, whether a bully, or a wife beater, or worse. Some of these require much higher hurdles, or course. But at least they can try, and be lauded for that … even as their crimes are not forgotten. Forgiven, perhaps, if forgiveness is earned. But not forgotten.

    As for Aoyama, his little bit was mostly an amusing diversion, an amuse-bouche between arcs. I did appreciate the comical menace, but otherwise I think that half can be taken as it is. Unless… It seems to me there may still be more to Aoyama than there appears. But we’ll have to wait longer for that to be revealed, I’d wager. There’s more going on in the meantime.

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