Boku no Hero Academia – 81 – Random Curiosity


「文化祭」 (Bunkasai)
“School Festival”

I love love loooove it when shounen action stories take time out of all the battling to explore the softer side of life. These slice-of-life interstitials serve to enrich the world while allowing other elements to shine—especially in this case, where all the work studies students (+ Bakugou) took a major backseat, and let all the other characters occupy the spotlight!

I am, without a doubt, totally hyped for Jiro’s performance. Not only is embarassed Jiro mega kawaii—and the Jiro x Kaminari shipping stronk—but Mina’s dancing is a really cool addition, because it makes it potentially more than just a HeroAca-themed replay of that one Haruhi ep. Not that this alone wouldn’t be worth doing. It totally would. But an extra twist is appreciated.

Also, this episode was just funny! Loved seeing all the odd little moments. Moar plz.

As for Eri-chan’s scene, what can I say? ‘Cept DAWWWW!! I think that, in time, Deku and Lemillion will have to learn to leave the long-term counseling up to the counselors while they focus on the urgent heroics, but it is their willingness and desire to help beyond when the physical life is saved that shows their worth as heroes, and as people. Heart warming all the way down.

Finally, these two are silly. I feel like they’re exactly the villains this arc needs.

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