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    Play Anime Full Convention Schedule Revealed, AUNZ Times Confirmed – AnimeLab

    Full Convention Schedule Revealed, AUNZ Times Confirmed – AnimeLab


    Get ready for a weekend of incredible panels, awesome announcements and some spectacular musical guests, all from the comfort of your own home. Don’t want to miss any of the action? Be sure to register right now!

    Here’s what you can expect (scroll down the article for AU/NZ times):

    Saturday, 4th July


    Funimation Industry Panel | 1:30 am AEST / 3:30am NZST | Room 1

    A whole new simulcast anime season has begun, and Funimation will be bringing you some ideas on where to begin with all this brand-new content (also coming to AnimeLab!)

    You’ll also get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon to The Funimation Shop.


    Human Lost: Revisit Film with the Japanese Voices and Producers | 1:30am AEST / 3:30am NZST | Room 2

    Have you ever wanted to submit questions to Japanese creators? Now’s your chance! The producers of Human Lost want your questions while the Japanese voice actors talk about their experiences from Human Lost.

    Plus, only at this event, you’ll have the opportunity to see Mamoru Miyano and Kana Hanazawa!


    BONUS: Funimation Presents King Vader’s My Hood Academia 2 | 2:30 am AEST / 4:30am NZST | Room 2


    Learn to Make Masks from Home with Riddle | 3am AEST / 5am NZST | Room 1

    Join cosplayer Riddle for a live demonstration on making your own masks from home!


    The Right Stuf Anime Industry Panel | 3am AEST / 5am NZST | Room 2

    Celebrate Right Stuf Anime turning 33 this year – the party kicks off here!

    Check out the latest Right Stuf Anime store exclusives, our Nozomi Entertainment titles available on Funimation/AnimeLab, and upcoming Gundam New Release Announcements! Plus, enter to win a gift card to RightStufAnime.com!


    Musical Guest BLUE ENCOUNT | 4am AEST / 6am NZST | Rooms 1 & 2

    Get ready for a brilliant performance by the popular rock band from Kumamoto Japan, featuring a special message, concert footage, and music videos!


    Adventures in Translation with Industry Expert | 4:30am AEST / 6:30am NZST | Room 1

    Ever wonder what it takes to translate anime? There’s a lot more to it than you’d think!

    Listen to a vivid experiential recollection of translating Japanese anime into English from one of the leading authorities in the field.


    Shonen Jump Virtual Panel | 4:30am AEST / 6:30am NZST | Room 2

    Host Urian Brown and SJ Editor Alexis Kirsch will be taking deep dives into Shonen Jump monster hits like Black Clover, One Piece, and more.

    There’s also be interviews and games with My Hero Academia voice actors, Justin Briner (Deku) and Christopher Sabat (All Might)!


    Inside Toilet-bound Hanako-kun | 5:30am AEST / 7:30am NZST | Rooms 1 & 2

    Pursue the paranormal with this Toilet-bound Hanako-kun panel! Justin Briner (Hanako) and Ian Sinclair (Tsuchigomori) guide us through a behind-the-scenes look at recording from home, special messages from the cast, and an exclusive Q&A with the legendary Megumi Ogata (Hanako and Tsukasa).

    Come get spooky with us!


    My Hero Academia Voice Actor Q&A | 6:30am AEST / 8:30am NZST | Room 1

    Join Funimation and the cast of My Hero Academia for an exciting Q&A panel!

    Hosted by Jacki Jing, hear from your favourite voice actors, including David Matranga (Todoroki), Luci Christian (Ochaco), Justin Cook (Kirishima), Patrick Seitz (Endeavor), Zeno Robinson (Hawks), Emily Neves (Eri), Christopher Wehkamp (Aizawa) and Anairis Quinones (Mirko).


    Premiere Screening: DECA-DENCE plus interview with Japanese cast | 6:30am AEST / 8:30am | Room 2

    Be one of the first fans in the world to see Episode 1 of the larger-than-life, action-packed new anime series DECA-DENCE… before the Japanese broadcast!

    Plus hear commentary from director Yuzuru Tachikawa (Death Parade, Mob Psycho 100) and Studio NUT producer Takuya Tsunoki.


    Musical Guest FLOW | 7:30am AEST / 9:30am NZST | Rooms 1 & 2

    It started with two talented brothers. Now it’s a full band that tours the world. Don’t miss a high-energy show that includes a special message and live concert footage.


    Screening: Fire Force Season 2 SimulDub™ Premiere & Voice Actor Q&A | 8am AEST / 10am NZST | Room 1

    Don’t miss the world premiere of the first two dubbed episodes of Fire Force Season 2!

    Plus, join Funimation for a hot discussion about Season 1 and what’s to come in the new season—with host Matt Acevedo and the English voice actors.


    The Aniplex of America Living Room Sessions | 8am AEST / 10am NZST | Room 2

    Join your favourite Aniplex of America team members, Rose and Anthony, as they introduce you to a wide variety of shows now on Funimation/AnimeLab!

    From classics to hidden gems, this fun and informative panel introduces you to your next favourite anime, or else reconnect you with a show you haven’t thought about in ages.


    My Hero One’s Justice 2 LIVE Esports Tournament with Voice Actors | 9am AEST / 11am NZST | Room 2

    Powered by Esports Stadium Arlington. Connect with your favourite cast members of My Hero Academia as they recreate iconic fight scenes in the new BANDAI NAMCO video game.


    Justin Briner (Deku)

    Clifford Chapin (Bakugo)

    Christopher Sabat (All Might)

    Patrick Seitz (Endeavor)

    Ricco Fajardo (Mirio)

    Justin Cook (Nomu)

    Kellen Goff (Overhaul)

    Kyle Hebert (Fatgum)

    Eric Rolon (Rappa)

    Jim Foronda (Muscular)

    John Swasey (All For One)

    Professional Wrestler Kenny Omega will host this ultimate test of righteousness.


    Fruits Basket Voice Actor Q&A | 10am AEST / 12pm AEST | Room 1

    Celebrate the hit shoujo classic’s new second season with the English voice cast of Fruits Basket!

    Join Eric Vale (Yuki) Jerry Jewell (Kyo), and Colleen Clinkenbeard (Akito), as well as season two’s new character cast Aaron Dismuke (Kakeru) and Caitlin Glass (Machi, ADR Director) for some Q&A, a live reading, and even an advice corner – courtesy of the Student Council! Hosted by Caitlin Glass.


    DJ MarGenal Set | 11:30am AEST / 1:30pm NZST | Rooms 1 & 2

    The man behind Japan’s anisong DJ boom, DJ MarGenal brings his own exclusive set, featuring some of the best OP and ED songs of all time!


    Fireside Chat with Yaya Han | 12pm AEST / 2pm NZST | Room 1

    Join Yaya Han for a sit-down discussion about the evolution of cosplay—plus a reading from her new book!


    SACRA MUSIC FESTIVAL Featured Performances | 12pm AEST / 2pm NZST | Room 2

    Stream a selection of performances from SACRA MUSIC FES.2019, the two-day music extravaganza featuring artists on SACRA MUSIC’s label.

    Featured performances will include LiSA, Eir Aoi, TrySail, and halca, among many others. Last year the Fest was an enormous success, and this is an opportunity for fans who couldn’t be there in person to experience the magic.


    BONUS: Toei Animation Presents Dragon Ball Super Interview Featuring Voice Actress Masako Nozawa | 1pm AEST / 3pm NZST | Room 2

    Toei Animation presents an exclusive English-language interview with Nozawa-san, the Japanese voice actress for Dragon Ball’s protagonist, Goku.

    Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear from her as she answers questions about her career and what it’s like to voice many of the most iconic roles in the world. The discussion is recorded from Japan with English subtitles.


    Premiere Screening: By the Grace of the Gods | 1:30pm AEST / 3:30pm NZST | Rooms 1 & 2

    Be the first to see Episode 1 of By the Grace of the Gods (subtitled) at this exclusive premiere event!

    Join us for the official unveiling of the fantasy isekai anime based on the light novel series of the same name from Roy and Ririnra.

    Sunday, 5th July


    My Hero Academia Game Show with Voice Actors | 2:30am AEST / 4:30am NZST | Room 1

    Join Funimation and special guests for an exciting game show style panel where the true #1 Hero will come out on top!

    Hosted by Lauren Moore with guests Justin Briner (Deku), Clifford Chapin (Bakugo), Caitlin Glass (Ashido), Ricco Fajardo (Mirio), Kyle Phillips (Kaminari), and Dani Chambers (Mahoro).


    Aniplex Online Fest | 2:30am AEST / 4:30am NZST | Room 2 (All Day)

    Funimation has teamed up with Aniplex of America to make the July 4 Aniplex Online Fest livestream available all day long for fans attending FunimationCon 2020.

    Aniplex Online Fest will feature a diverse array of online content, including talk shows with the staff and cast from popular anime, special appearances and past live shows from music artists, and behind-the-scenes stories from the anime industry.


    Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld THE LAST SEASON Online Panel | 3am AEST / 5am NZST

    Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Special Program Composer Yuki Kaijura and Music for SAO | 4am AEST / 6am NZST

    Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story – Magical Talk | 5am AEST / 7am NZST

    Songs and Messages from Artists Vol. 1 | 6am AEST / 8am NZST

    Warlords of Sigrdifa Online Panel | 7am AEST / 9am NZST

    How to Make Figures | 8am AEST / 10am NZST

    Aniplex of America Industry Panel | 9am AEST / 11am NZST

    ANIPLEX.EXE Presents ATRI and Adabana Odd Tales Special Panel | 10am AEST / 12pm NZST


    Kaguya-sama: Love is War? Special Panel | 12pm AEST / 2pm NZST

    A-1 Pictures Special Talk Show | 1pm AEST / 3pm NZST

    The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNMISSABLE | 2pm AEST / 4pm NZST


    So You Want to Be a Voice Actor? with Charles Solomon | 4am AEST / 6am NZST | Room 1

    Journalist and anime lover Charles Solomon hosts a lively discussion with distinguished voice actors, exploring their career journeys—with no shortage of surprises.

    Panelists include Kara Edwards, Monica Rial, Christopher Wehkamp, and Sonny Strait.


    Listeners – Dai Sato and Voice Actor Q&A | 5:30am AEST / 7:30am NZST | Room 1

    What would life be like without music? Explore the world of Listeners with the English voice actors and ADR/voice director as they discuss the series—and rock music!

    Plus, don’t miss the exclusive Q&A with Dai Sato, co-creator and head writer, who’ll be answering questions from Funimation fans.


    Musical Guest KANA-BOON | 6:30am AEST / 8:30am NZST | Room 1

    With four albums in the Top 10 Oricon Albums Chart, this rock band has set the standard for anime OPs that slap.

    Hear a special message, concert footage, and music videos!


    Cosplay Showdown: Pro Vs Pro! LIVE with special guests | 7am AEST / 9am NZST | Room 1

    Watch top cosplayers in a LIVE face-off as they create a mystery cosplay prop in less than one hour, using whatever they have at home!

    The winner will get a $5K donation to the charity of their choice! Featuring Riddle, Phil Mizuno, Dresses and Capes Cosplay, and Alicia Marie.


    Attack on Titan Voice Actor Q&A | 8:30am AEST / 10:30am NZST | Room 1

    Get ready for The Final Season of Attack on Titan with Funimation! We’ll be sitting down with the voices behind some of your favourite characters and reliving the biggest moments from the first three seasons.

    Join Funimation’s Josellie Rios for an unforgettable Q&A!


    One Piece Voice Actor Q&A | 10am AEST / 12pm NZST | Room 1

    Join Funimation host Josellie Rios as she talks with the dub cast and crew about the latest One Piece dub episodes and how recording from home is working. Featuring a panel of five voice actors and three ADR/voice directors.

    Get ready for fun times with old and new crewmates!


    Musical Guest Luna Haruna | 11am AEST / 1pm NZST | Room 1

    A talented singer and a fashion model, don’t miss an incredible performance featuring this artist’s special message, concert footage, and music videos!


    Beginners Cosplay Crafting with Stella Chuu | 11:30am AEST / 1:30pm NZST | Room 1

    Join cosplayer Stella Chuu as she walks us through a beginner-level crafting tutorial and discussion!


    Meet the Mangamo Team | 1pm AEST / 3pm NZST | Room 1

    Mangamo is the first mobile manga subscription app, and the team has assembled to talk about the app, our 300+ titles, and the future of manga!

    Executive editor Dallas Middaugh leads a discussion with CEO Buddy Marini and biz dev head Yusuke Sasano. Learn more about Mangamo and when to expect new series, including an exciting new anime tie-in, Japan Sinks 2020!

    Register free now to get your digital badge for FunimationCon 2020!

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