Higurashi: When They Cry TV Anime Announces Key Cast! | Anime News


The upcoming anime adaptation of the much loved visual novel Higurashi When They Cry has announced its key cast members: Hoshi Souichirou as Maebara Keiichi, and Nakahara Mai as Ryugu Rena, with both reprising their roles from the previous anime adaptation.

Inspired by the classic horror/mystery game, Higurashi was first adapted as a TV anime in 2006, followed by an OVA, live action movie, and TV drama. The new anime project features character design by Monogatari’s Watanabe Akio, and is produced by Passione.

Further information is expected at a special event on Mar. 21 on AnimeJapan 2020’s Moon Yellow Stage, where Hoshi, Nakahara, and original creator Ryukishi07 will be making an appearance.

(C)2020 Ryukishi07 / Higurashi When They Cry Production Committee
(C)2006 Ryukishi07 / Higurashi When They Cry Production Committee, Sotsu

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