Thursday, August 6, 2020
    Play Anime Kanojo Okarishimasu – 03 – Random Curiosity

    Kanojo Okarishimasu – 03 – Random Curiosity


    「海と彼女」 (Umi to Kanojo)
    “Beach and Girlfriend”

    Well if there were any doubts on the direction of Kanojo Okarishimasu I think they have been firmly settled. While the chance always remains of some unexpected firework blasting through the montage, the story as shown through Kazuya’s eyes is going to veer firmly towards the tried and true. Mental anguish and drama is the name of this game, and if the show has anything to say, there will be no doubting the effects of either.

    As suggested following the events of last week and fully confirmed this episode, Mami’s actions towards Kazuya are more in line with jealousy over any sort of legitimate interest. Guy you dumped winds up with a hottie barely days later and shows you up with friends? Got to put that flame out before it expands (and people start questioning your appeal), especially when girl in question starts appearing in the most awkward of circumstances. Admittedly there’s a little more to it than simple catfight of course (Mami for one is hiding one hell of a personality dichotomy ripe for use and abuse), but from a romance perspective it’s easy to see where this road leads—and that’s before factoring in any further female competition such tales feature. When it comes to romance, the overly complex is always preferable to the straight and narrow.

    In terms of Kazuya, however, it’s not too difficult finding purpose in our MC’s stereotypical ways. While all manner of derogatory remarks are suitable for the kid at this stage (it’s part in parcel of being a typical male lead), there is some measure of realism to his actions, particularly the fervent hope that Mami might actually like him in the end contrary to all evidence a third person perspective provides. Whether true or not for every guy, I’m pretty sure most can relate to the latching onto a sliver of female attention and thinking it translates to marriage bells and future family life no matter the signs to the contrary. I can fault this kid for a lot in this show (notably in how quickly that ~10000$ of his is about to run out), but wrongly associating interaction with interest? Yeah that’s a hole far too challenging for anyone not to fall into. It’ll be interesting seeing how this quagmire builds into romantic development on the part of Chizuru though, as her actual interest in Kazuya, between spontaneity and blurring of professional/private lines, is slowly and quietly building up. Not to the degree of any major relationship advancement mind you, but enough to think this story will be more than simple transaction as things go forward.

    Of course if that actually sees similar development and improvement on Kazuya’s part is anyone’s guess, but no romance would ever be complete without its MC remaining a tried and true knucklehead until its dying breath would it?


    ED Sequence

    ED: 「告白バンジージャンプ」 (Kokuhaku Bungee Jump) by halca


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