Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    Summer in Mara Is Finally Addressing All Our Problems With the Gameplay

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    At first, running around in search of specific items feels natural, since you know nothing about the game and the tutorial is your best friend. Then, you’ll find yourself collecting items without knowing what they are useful for or thinking about how to build things with the few items you have. Summer in Mara is all about freedom, and it shows, but too much freedom is not always a good thing.

    In Qälis, the first island you visit and where most of your adventures take place, there are only a handful of relevant characters, but all of them will overwhelm you with fetch quests. Sometimes they do tell you where to find the items you need and how to get them, but you’re not always that lucky, and you may find yourself running around and trying to remember where is this fish you need to catch or who was selling these seeds you need to plant. Even if you know exactly what to do, most tasks like cooking or farming are only available at your house, so that also means a lot of unavoidable traveling between islands. Yes, Summer in Mara looks really good and we did enjoy it, but finishing some quests was indeed tedious.

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