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    To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T – 24 – Random Curiosity


    「拡散」 (Kakusan)

    Know what’s better than successfully installing a new motherboard and CPU after a day of hair-pulling labour and troubleshooting? A computer that actually works the way it’s supposed to? Well, you’re not wrong, but I’m hard-pressed denying Railgun’s latest first place. After all the previous buildup it was nothing but action this time around, and if earlier finales are anything to go by, next week’s will easily match its pace.

    Given Railgun is science-side Indexverse, I should probably be unsurprised a reasonable (somewhat) answer existed for Doppelganger’s abilities, but colour me intrigued we received some sort of explanation. While rapidly growing microscale muscle fibre is a little farfetched even for future science (oh how many a biologist wished slime mold could be made to function like that), it certainly led to a lot of fun and games as we got the Railgun fight I know many were looking forward to. And hey, it’s hard getting better than blown budget concrete Godzilla going up against its electromagnetically coalesced iron version. And with spacecraft-sized railguns (heh) to boot. Also cannot fault Leader finding time to join in on the festivities, because if there’s one thing this show keeps on doing well, it’s giving everyone a moment to shine.

    Going forward, however, it’s a little more straightforward seeing how this arc is going to end. Ryouko for example pulled the expected sacrifice line, deigning to off herself in order to satiate Doppelganger, although as anyone can tell you, such things never work in practice—and not just because waiting is annoying and no one has time for that. Given the nature of the Indexverse in general the more likely options are either a soul fusion (because the fusion dance is always entertaining as DBZ has shown time and again) or the elimination of Doppelganger via surprise mechanics. Whichever one transpires is anyone’s guess, but at least we can happy knowing the rest will morph into the happy go lucky denouement stuff that gives Kuroko her time to shine and Saten one final moment to reveal the daily Uiharu fashion choice.

    It’s going to be a sad moment seeing Railgun end next week, but without a doubt I’m still looking forward to seeing what this finale has in store.



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