Monday, October 19, 2020
    Play Games Grab Your Gear for The Third Annual Artistic Adventure...

    Grab Your Gear for The Third Annual Artistic Adventure Sale


    Whether you are in the midst of winter storms or celebrating the fact that you are avoiding them by staying in and playing games, we have you covered. Each year our Artistic Adventure Sale is a fan favorite so we have brought it back for a third year in a row. From now through January 27 you can save up to 75% on 75 beautiful adventure games. Get your travel cloak ready and hop on the couch to play some of these award winning adventure games.

    Outer Wilds
    (25% off) Nominated for multiple awards and winner of the 2019 Golden
    Joystick Award for best Indie Game
    . Outer Wilds is an open world
    mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. You’re the newest
    recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space program searching for
    answers in a strange, constantly evolving solar system. What lurks in the heart
    of the ominous Dark Bramble? Who built the alien ruins on the Moon? Can the
    endless time loop be stopped? Answers await you in the most dangerous reaches
    of space.

    of the Obra Dinn
    (25% off) Another critically acclaimed game, Return
    of the Obra Dinn
    won Best
    Art Direction at The Game Awards
    in 2018 and it was well earned. This
    beautiful game perfectly exemplifies an artistic adventure with minimal color.
    In 1802, the merchant ship Obra Dinn set out from London for the Orient with
    over 200 tons of trade goods. Six months later it hadn’t met its rendezvous
    point at the Cape of Good Hope and was declared lost at sea. Early in the
    morning of October 14, 1807, the Obra Dinn drifted into port at Falmouth with
    damaged sails and no visible crew. As an insurance investigator for the East
    India Company’s London Office you are dispatched immediately to find means to
    board the ship and prepare an assessment of damages. Return of the Obra Dinn
    is a first-person mystery adventure based on exploration and logical deduction.

    (67% off) I’m on a roll with award winners so let’s include the game that is
    often included on best indie of all time lists. Just to name a few awards, Inside
    won Best Indie Game at The Game Awards and The Game Critics Awards in 2016 and
    Best Art Direction at The Game Awards and D.I.C.E. Awards in 2016. Hunted and
    alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. The
    attention to detail the developers put into this game is beautiful and without
    any spoilers the ending is something that’s still talked about around the
    office to this day.

    Creature in the Well (25% off) Unlock the power of an ancient facility and face the ominous, all-seeing creature in this unique pinball-inspired hack and slash! Creature in the Well is a top-down, pinball-inspired, hack-and-slash dungeon crawler. As the last remaining BOT-C unit, venture deep into a desert mountain to restore power to an ancient facility, haunted by a desperate creature. Uncover and upgrade powerful gear in order to free the city of Mirage from a deadly sandstorm.

    What Remains of Edith Finch (50% off) A BAFTA Award winner for Best Game of 2018. The game is a collection of strange tales about a family in Washington state. As Edith, you’ll explore the colossal Finch house, searching for stories as she explores her family history and tries to figure out why she’s the last one in her family left alive. Each story you find lets you experience the life of a new family member on the day of their death, with stories ranging from the distant past to the present day.

    This is just a small sample of all the great games on sale January
    21 – 27. Whether you’re a weathered veteran or rookie taking their first step
    on the great journey of adventure games we have something for you. See the full
    list of games at

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