Sunday, September 20, 2020
    Play Games Replay – Blade - Game Informer

    Replay – Blade – Game Informer


    Welcome back to Replay’s first episode of 2020! We hope you all had a great holiday season and we’re thrilled to be back. While it may seem like a distant memory, Blade was one of the first major properties that Marvel brought to the big screen. And with each superhero film from the early 2000’s also came a painful movie tie-in game, and Blade is no exception. Join us as we take on the seedy thugs as what we think is supposed to be Wesley Snipes while also discussing the bonkers trivia from the creation of Blade 3.

    After their ears and eyes stop bleeding, Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, and Jeff Cork switch over to Sudeki, an original Xbox exclusive RPG with an art style that’s aged considerably better than the aforementioned Marvel property.

    After weeks of anticipation, we’ll finally be back live next Friday at 2 p.m Central to interact with the beautiful chat and make fools of ourselves in real-time. You can also subscribe to the show over on YouTubeTwitchMixerTwitter, or Facebook to be notified whenever we go live! Thanks for watching, and enjoy the show!

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