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    Netflix forced to REMOVE eight films by foreign governments: Can you watch them in the UK? | Films | Entertainment


    The streaming giant is ubiquitous across the globe. But not even Netflix can defy a direct order from governments when they demand a particular film of TV show is taken down. For the first time ever, the corporation has revealed which films it was forced to remove and where. While some more restrictive countries are no surprise, why would liberal New Zealand demand one particular film was taken off the platform?

    Netflix has previously been notoriously secretive about even its viewership data for each release.

    All that has changed recently with it celebrating enormous hits like The Witcher, Murder Mystery and Stranger Things.

    The company has also announced it will reveal which films and TV shows have been banned across the globe in an annual report and released the first detailed list this week.

    Viewers in Singapore have been hit hardest but fans in Brazil were spared one ban when Netflix refused to comply with a court order to remove a controversial comedy.

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    1. Earlier this year The First Temptation of Christ, a new Netflix original Christmas film from Brazil was banned by a local judge in that country for offending religious groups.

    The comedy shows Jesus coming home after 40 days in the desert for his surprise 30th Birthday party. Not only he has brought along his boyfriend, but the film also shows his mother Mary smoking marijuana.

    Netflix appealed the ban which was overturned by the High Court.

    However, the controversial film was still removed in Singapore after a written demand from the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).


    2. In fact, across 2018 and 2019, a further four films were taken down in Singapore.

    Once again, another religious film was one of the victims of the country’s strict hardline views – this time it was The Last Temptation of Christ.


    The IMDA also demanded Netflix take down Cooking on High, The Legend of 420 and Disjointed. 

    All three projects are related to the use of marijuana or cannabis and Singapore has strict laws which can demand the death penalty for trafficking in the drug.


    3. The Bridge was removed in New Zealand in 2015. The documentary centres on the Golden Gate Bridge’s reputation as a focal point for suicide attempts.

    A written demand from the New Zealand Film and Video Labeling Body classified the work as “objectionable.”


    4. Full Metal Jacket was removed in Vietnam in 2017 after Netflix received a written demand from the Vietnamese Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (ABEI). The film is a powerful account of the horrors of the Vietnam War.


    5. Horror film Night of The Living Dead was removed from Netflix in Germany in 2017 after a request from the German Commission for Youth Protection (KJM).

    The cult classic’s graphic violence had created controversy on its 1968 release but it has also been inducted by the US  Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry.


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