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    Tom Jones wife: Why Linda was truly the only woman for Sir Tom ‘Always in the background’ | Music | Entertainment


    Sir Tom Jones and his wife Linda have a love story like no other. They met as teenagers and were young sweethearts from the day they met. They had their son and were together right up until Linda’s death in 2016.

    Sir Tom Jones was known for his philandering ways, and in the 1980s he even fathered a love child with model Katherine Berkery.

    He was known for having women around him often, with young, adoring fans even throwing their knickers on stage during his set in his heyday.

    However, according to Tom Jones biographer Colin Macfarlane, those who knew Sir Tom as a young labourer from Pontypridd, South Wales, believed his wife Linda was the “most beautiful girl” in town.

    Sadly, though, another aspect of their relationship made things easier for him when he was touring the world and in the public eye: Linda kept herself “in the background”.

    Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk ahead of the release of his new book, Sir Tom Jones: 80, Mr Macfarlane said: “She was always in the background… she was never really mentioned with many I talked to.

    “But according to several people I’ve spoken to she was the most beautiful woman in Pontypridd.

    “The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and Tom landed the big catch there.”

    Linda, born Melinda Trenchard, met Sir Tom as a young lad, and the pair married when they were just 16-years-old on March 2, 1957.

    A month later, Linda gave birth to the pair’s son Mark, who later became Sir Tom’s manager.

    In the time before the pair tied the knot, however, Mr Macfarlane revealed how protective Sir Tom would be of his missus.

    He said: “Tom wouldn’t allow anyone to chat her up.

    “His pals would say, ‘Linda is Tommy’s girl,’ but of course when she got pregnant that became apparent.

    “We’ve gone through thick and thin. I also remember all those times growing up together which is why we will never split – no matter what has happened or what I’ve done.”

    “We’re both Welsh and both laugh at the same things. After the passion in our marriage died down, we became soulmates.

    “Even if I could have foreseen my fame, I still would have married Linda. It gave me more strength and more determination.

    “If I’d been a single teenager, I would’ve been more flippant. Instead, I had to do this singing career not just for me, but for Linda and our son, Mark.”

    Clearly, Linda was the stability he needed to make it in his career, while also allowing him to spread his wings, despite what some would think.

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