God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13 Review: The Princess and the Hacker


What a great episode, not only to bring us back into the God Friended Me orbit after such a lengthy hiatus but also to celebrate Valentine’s Day and love. 

Much of Miles’ mission to find out who is behind the God Account was put on the backburner on God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13, and the episode was better and stronger because of it. 

Without that added concern, Miles, Cara, and Rakesh were able to focus on their friend suggestion, spend time together, and most importantly, enjoy doing the work of the God Account. 

My biggest gripe with God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 12 was that the episode tried to pack so much into one hour that each storyline suffered, and viewers were left overwhelmed. 

But this episode had just the right balance of everything allowing for one of the most enjoyable hours.

Rakesh’s soulmate app provided the perfect entry point to an intriguing and enlightening friend suggestion. 

Rakesh: That doesn’t make any sense? Who is Lule Achebe?
Miles: Um, your soulmate is my friend suggestion.

Rakesh’s first encounter with Lulu happened when she popped up as his soulmate on his app. It was quite the shock for him as he developed the app solely to prove to Jaya that they were a match made in algorithm heaven.

But despite his hesitation and insistence that Lulu wasn’t the one, he and Lulu hit it off right away when they ended up grabbing lunch at the same food truck. And, by absolutely no coincidence at all, she was also Miles’ friend suggestion.

Rakesh’s quickly-formed bond with Lulu allowed him to steer the ship and guide the friend suggestion for once, which was a refreshing change of pace. 

Despite Lulu being a real-life princess from the country of Longo, the two had so much in common that Miles said she was the female version of Rakesh. 

Yeah, Rakesh matched with a princess — how impressive is that?

I loved how natural their vibe was and how the conversation flowed without any awkwardness at all. It seemed like they were longtime friends rather than two people who had just met.

Lulu didn’t give the impression that she needed help from the God Account at first, but that changed when she found out her father wasn’t planning on giving her the keys to the kingdom and making her the first female leader.

Instead, he was going to give the honor to his son and her brother, Zane.

Things grew even more complicated when they realized it was Zane who betrayed and sabotaged Lulu and then lied to her face about it. 

The rift between the siblings opened up a very important conversation about female leadership, speaking your mind, fighting for equality, and embracing progress.

Lulu didn’t want to keep things the same; she wanted to challenge the status quo and fight for women’s equality, which was deemed too risky by her father. 

The episode seemed to hone in on the idea that there is no reward without a little risk.

It’s a motto that we all need to adopt and infuse into our daily lives.

Lulu learned that her father chose her brother over her because her views were too liberal, and he was scared that the country wasn’t ready. 

He feared that she would get death threats just like her late mother.

His concerns were valid as a father, but, as a King, his concerns were holding back a country from evolving and progressing. 

Arthur: What else was I supposed to say? That watching that battle play out with Ella almost broke me? That there would be days where she’s going to be days she’s going to feel so sick that she’s not going to get out of bed. Days where I have to look her in the eye and say ‘oh, no baby, it’s going to be fine’ and hoping that she’s not going to see the fear in my eyes.”
Trish: They caught it early which means she’s going to start treatment early. We are going to get through this. Ali is going to get through this.
Arthur: Yeah, you’re right.

Lulu argued that the country was ready, and they would get there step-by-step, but he needed to take the risk and give her a chance if he wanted positive change

Similarly, Ali’s decision to put off treatment for her cancer was a risk, but the reward presented her with the possibility of becoming a mother one day. 

Arthur and Miles’ frustration with her delaying treatment was expected, but they didn’t understand how important being able to have children was to her.

The main storylines found two father’s making choices that weren’t in their daughters’ best interests simply because of their fear and the desire to protect them.

Arthur: Time is a luxury we don’t have.
Ali: We? Don’t you mean me? I’m the one going through this, remember?

Arthur prioritized her health and had valid concerns and arguments, but at the end of the day, it was her choice, and I’m glad they ended up supporting it. 

Ali needed to talk to a mother who also understood her dreams of becoming a mother. 

It was the first time we saw Trish and Ali bond, and it was powerful. Trish stood up to Arthur and held her ground to support Ali. 

While Miles didn’t necessarily agree, he too supported Ali by reminding his father that hope is what got their mother through the chemo also. 

Zane: My political views are a better fit for our country. I did what was best for our people.
Lulu: No, you did what was best for you.

Ali’s decision might delay the process, but I think she’ll be fine in the long run since they caught it early on. 

Even Miles took a risk by trusting the God Account and putting his relationship with Cara on hold. In his eyes, risking his relationship allows him to save his sister and keep both Cara and the God Account around. 

However, and I’ve said this before, the request for Miles to give up love has never come directly from the God Account. 

Gideon was the one who told him about the God Account requesting him to give up personal relationships and become a prophet, but that request was never made to Miles directly.

What if Miles is giving up a relationship with Cara for no reason? 

What would happen if they continued being together? Would the God Account retaliate? Would it take Miles’ privileges away?

For two people who seem madly in love with each other, they aren’t willing to fight for their romance. 

Also, yes, they can remain friends forever and team up for God Account missions, but eventually, Cara will want to/need to move on. Will that be weird and awkward?

I’m not vibing with this storyline despite how cute the “soulmate” conversation was. 

Soulmates, in my opinion, are like mythical creatures, which is why the idea of a soulmate in the Longo culture was so beautiful and fitting.

People can have many soulmates that are “good spirits” that come into their lives and help them with their journey be it a friend, an acquaintance, or a lover. 

Likely, the soulmate explanation given by Lulu was the show’s way of explaining their “connection” without keeping her around. 

There was no way Lulu could remain in Rakesh’s life if she was going to become Queen. And unless Rakesh would join her as King of Longo, there was no way it would work. 

So, in that sense, writing them off as “soulmates” who helped each other take that next step made all the sense in the world. 

Rakesh helped Lulu stand up to her father and fight for her position within the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Lulu gave Rakesh something equally as valuable — the realization that he can and will be fine without Jaya. 

After his encounter with Lulu, Rakesh realized that he could have a happy future with someone else; the connection he had with Jaya wasn’t exclusive to her. 

And that’s huge. Rakesh was pining over Jaya and even built an app to prove his love.

It wasn’t healthy. But now, he knows that there is someone else out there for him that can make him equally as happy. 

Also, it was great to have him exposed to Lulu, a headstrong woman who wasn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs, speak her mind, and confront her father.

If you watch God Friended Me online, you know that’s a vast difference from Jaya’s character, who wouldn’t challenge her parents notion of what her future should be like and lost a good man because she wasn’t willing to take a risk. 

She lost a good man because she wasn’t willing to take the risk. 

What did you think of the episode?

Is Rakesh finally ready to move on from Jaya?

Is this the end of that relationship?

Will Ali make her diagnosis worse by delaying treatment? 

Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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