Tuesday, September 22, 2020
    13 Times The Live Performance Made The Song Even...

    13 Times The Live Performance Made The Song Even Better


    Don’t we all have those certain songs that you just can’t get into until you actually see a live performance or concert for it? Here’s a list of some songs that are 1000% better after watching the visuals for it!

    1. Fake Love- BTS

    The visuals in this performance will blow you away.

    2. Move- Taemin

    His sleek dance moves is all it takes for you to be sucked in to this track.

    3. Wolf- EXO

    The performance is a whole mood in itself with this remix version.

    4. Dalla Dalla- ITZY

    You might not get into the song at first listen, but after watching the performance you’re bound to enjoy it!

    5. Gotta Go- Chungha

    Chungha‘s charisma will without a doubt capture your heart.

    6. Butterfly- LOONA

    The choreography for the song is just amazing and fits perfectly with the song.

    7. Double Knot- Stray Kids

    This song will 100% be added to your playlist after watching a performance of it.

    8. Hit- SEVENTEEN

    Vocals, choreography, visuals, they’ve got it all.

    9. Begin- BTS’s Jungkook

    This sophisticated and sexy vibe from BTS’s youngest member is something you don’t want to miss.


    This beat will make you dance along in no time.

    11. Cherry Bomb- NCT

    The swag with these guys is unreal in their KCON 2017 performance.

    12. Super Car- SuperM

    The fancy dance moves in this track really gets to you every time you watch their performances.

    13. Time For The Moon Night- GFRIEND

    How can you not fall for such a lovely song after watching this pretty performance?

    These performances show that K-Pop is a very audiovisual experience where music and performance must come together to create a bigger impact for the listener.

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