Aldi news: Kate Middleton £329 boots selling for just £39.99


    Kate Middleton has worn the Dubarry waterproof boots numerous times. She likes to wear them for outdoors events, and they are devised to keep out the wet and cold.

    These aren’t the only outdoors boots Kate is a fan of.

    She has been seen out wearing the Le Chameau Vierzonord.

    These are Wellington boots from a French brand, also specially designed for long days out roaming the country.

    The hard boots can keep feet warm in climates as low as -15 degrees centigrade.

    The Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing the new gems since January 2020.

    It is likely the necklace was a birthday gift, given Kate seems to have acquired it in January. The Duchess was born on the 9 January.

    Given it’s sweet hidden message, it may well have been a present from her husband Prince William.

    The piece is a Daniella Draper personalised necklace. It is the Trio Diamond Midnight Moon Necklace, £1,270.

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