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    Jpop Recommend #307 Watashi wa piano by Mizue Takada

    Jpop Recommend #307 Watashi wa piano by Mizue Takada


     私はピアノ Watashi wa piano


    Released in March 1980, this song was released as part of the album, “Tiny Bubbles” by Southern All Stars.  This song was then covered in July 1980 by Mizue Takada as her 12th single.  Her calm voice and sad tune matched well and it became a big hit.  Considering the fact that this song was made almost 40 years ago amazes me.  It doesn’t sound old at all.

    Later she got married to a Sumo wrestler, Wakashimazu (now retired and runs a sumo training quarter) and retired as a singer.  

    This song matches well in Latin arrangement and I also like another cover version by Orchesta de la Luz.
    Back then in 1980

    Salsa version in Spanish cover by Orchesta de la luz

    Any comment about this blog is highly appreciated.  Requests to pick up any singer or song are always welcome!

    Japanese pronunciation
    English translation

    人     も  羨む       よな 仲     が 
    hito mo urayamu yona naka ga
    Sweet relationship of the two even others envy
    いつも 自慢   の  ふたり だった 
    itsumo jiman no futari datta
    has always been our pride
    あなた と  なら どこ    までも 
    anata to nara    doko mademo
    With you to anywhere I can go 
    いける つもり   で いた の に 
    ikeru tsumori de ita no ni
    That’s how I believed

    突然        の   嵐     みたい に 
    totsuzen no arashi mitai ni
    Like a sudden storm
    音  を   立てて  くずれてく 
    Eoto wo tatete kuzureteku
    everything is falling apart with a crushing sound
    涙         が  出ない のは  なぜ  
    namida ga denai nowa naze 
    Why tears won’t come out
    教えて  欲しい だけ   さ 
    oshiete hoshii dake sa
    I just need to know the reason

    あなた から 目 が   離せない 
    anata kara me ga hanasenai
    I can’t take my eyes off of you
    ふたり して 聞く わ ラリー カールトン 
    futari shite kiku wa Larry Carlton
    while we listen to Larry Carlton
    日だまり の   中     で  抱かれ 
    hidamari no naka de dakare
    Blessed with sunshine we held each other
    いつ しか   時   の    徒然       に 
    itsus hika toki no tsurezure ni
    and soon we were lost in time

    思い出  に 酔う  ひま  も   なく 
    omoide ni you hima mo naku
    No time to be indulged in memories
    心          から 好き よ と 云えた 
    kokoro kara suki yo to ieta
    I could just say that I love you from the bottom of my heart
    あの 頃    が   なつかしくて   何     も  かも 
    ano koro ga natsukashikute nani mo kamo 
    I miss everything about that time so much 

    アナタ が いなければ  1   から  10   まで   ひとり 
    anata ga inakereba ichi kara jyuu made hitori
    Without you I will be left alone one to ten
    葉       も ない まま に 生きてる 
    kotoba mo nai mama ni ikirteru
    I just live without a word
    くり 返す    のは ただ lonely play 
    kuri-kaesu nowa tada lonely play
    The only thing I repeat is a lonely play

    思いきり 感じた   まま    に 
    omoikiri kanjita mama ni
    Just as you felt
    見せる しぐさ      やさしくて
    miseru shigusa yasashikute
    you showed me such a gentle gesture
    言葉     じゃなくて  態度   で
    kotoba jyanakute taido de
    Not only with words but attitude
    分かり 合えて も いた の に
    wakari-aete mo ita no ni
    we understood each other so well, but
    男       の 人   なら    誰   でも
    otoko no hito nara dare demo
    Any man can
    細い    肩     を   抱けば わかる
    hosoi kata wo dakeba wakaru
    tell if you hold that thin shoulder of hers
    夜    が   恐い  よな     女           にゃ
    yoru ga kowai yona onnanoko nya
    A woman who is afraid of nights
    それ で いいの よ すべて
    sore de iino yo subete
    that was all she needed

    つらい けど 涙     見せない
    tsurai kedo namida misenai
    I felt awful but I won’t show my tears
    雨    の  降る  夜   には ビリージョエル
    ame no furu yoru niwa Billy Joel
    On a rainy night I listen to Billy Joel
    情ない        女    に なって しまいそな   時   には サンバ
    nasakenai onna ni natte shimaisona toki niwa Samba
    When I felt like I can be such a loser, I listen to Samba
    ためいき が 出ちゃうよな  恋
    tameiki ga dechau yona koi
    The love that makes me sigh

    静か      に  抱き すくめ  られて
    shizuka ni daki-sukume rarete
    You once held me tight in silence
    焼けた   素肌    が 今    でも  なつかしい
    yaketa suhada ga  ima dmo natsukashii
    I still miss the memory of burning bare skin 

    ひとしきり  泣いたら 馬鹿げた   事   ネ  と  思う
    hitoshikiri naitara     bakageta koto ne to omou
    After I cry for a while, I came to my senses and felt I was being silly
    ピアノ に 問いかけて  みた けど
    piano ni toikaket     mita kedo
    and I asked to piano
    ピアノ に 問いかけて みた けど
    piano ni toikakete   mita kedo
    and I asked to piano
    くり 返す  のは ただ 
    kuri-kasu nowa tada
    but the piano only repeats
    lonely play lonely play

    Any comment about this blog is highly appreciated.  Requests to pick up any singer or song are always welcome!

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