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    Jpop Recommend #310 Shujinko by Masashi Sada

    Jpop Recommend #310 Shujinko by Masashi Sada


    主人公 Shujinko

    さだ まさし Masashi Sada

    Released in 1978, this is originally recorded as one of the songs in the album, “私花集, Anthology”.  It was later released as a single song covered by himself.  This song has been one of the most popular songs among his fans.  

    The lyrics reminds me of the famous poem by William Ernest Henley, Invictus, but of course in much softer tone…

    He is a great story teller.  You can depict the scene as if you are reading a story.

    He has a long career as a singer-song-writer.  You can find many of his songs in youtube.

    Live version

    Any comment about this blog is highly appreciated.  Requests to pick up any singer or song are always welcome!

    Japanese pronunciation
    English translation

    時    には 思い出 ゆき の 旅行案内(ガイドブック)に まかせ 
    toki niwa omoide yuki no guidebook                   ni  makase
    Sometimes I let the guidebook to lead me to memories
    「あの 頃」 と いう 名 の  駅  で 降りて「昔         通り」を    歩く 
    “ano koro” to iu   na no eki de orite “mukashi-doori” wo aruku
    I get off at the station called “that time” and take a stroll in “old-time street”
    いつも  の  茶店(テラス)には まだ   時    の  名残   が    少し
    itsumo no terrace         niwa  mada toki no nagori ga sukoshi 
    In the familiar terrace cafe, there still remains a bit of that time
    地下鉄(メトロ)の 駅  の    前   に は  「62                   番」 の  バス 
    metro              no eki no mae ni wa “62(rokujyuu-ni)-ban” no bus
    In front of the metro station, the bus for #62 route was there
    鈴懸(プラタナス)並木    の  古い   広場    と 学生     だらけ  の   街 
    plananus             namiki no furui hiroba to gakusei darake no machi
    Old square with a row of plane trees and streets crowded with students 
    そう いえば あなた の  服     の  模様    さえ 覚えてる 
    sou   ieba     anata no fuku no moyou sae oboeteru

    Which reminds me even the design pattern of your cloths back then

    あなた の  眩しい     笑顔  と 友達        の   笑い  声   に 
    anata no mabushii egao to tomodachi no warai-goe ni
    Your shining smile and laughter of friends
    抱かれて    私        は  いつ でも 必ず        きらめいて いた 
    dakarete watashi wa itsu demo kanarazu kirameite ita
    I was always embraced by those and my days were shining brightly

    「或いは」「もしも」  だなんて あなた は 嫌った    けど 

    “aruiwa” “moshimo” danante    anata wa kiratta kedo
    To think about “or else” “what if”, you hated
    時    を   遡る          切符(チケット)が あれば 欲しく なる  時    が ある 
    toki wo sakanoboru ticket             ga areba hoshiku naru toki ga aru
    But if there is a ticket to go back time, you would need it sometimes
    あそこ の  別れ         道   で 選び なおせる ならって…… 
    asoko no wakare-michi de erabi-naoseru naratte
    thinking if I can choose again in that intersection 

    勿論         今 の   私         を 悲しむ         つもり は  ない 
    mochiron ima no watashi wo kanashimu tsumori wa nai
    Of course I don’t intend to grieve for what I am now
    確か      に 自分 で   選んだ  以上 精一杯  生きる 
    tashika ni jibun de eranda ijyou seiippai ikiru
    I’ve chosen it by myself, so I should live my life to the fullest
    そう でなきゃ あなた に とても とても  はずかしい  から 
    sou denakya   anata ni totemo totemo hazukashii kara
    If not, I will feel ashamed of myself before you
    あなた  は 教えて くれた 小さな       物語       でも 
    anata wa oshiete kureta chiisana monogatari demo
    You taught me even just a small story
    自分  の  人生   の   中     では 誰    も   みな    主人公 
    Jibun no jinsei no naka dewa dare mo mina shujinkou
    If that is your life, every one is the leading actor of that story
    時折     思い出  の    中    で あなた は   支えて  ください 
    tokiori omoide no naka de anata wa sasaete kudasai
    From time to time in memories, please give me strength
    私         の   人生  の   中    では    私      が   主人公      だ と 
    watashi no jinsei no naka dewa watashi ga shujinkou da to
    by reminding me that in my life, I’m the lead role

    Any comment about this blog is highly appreciated.  Requests to pick up any singer or song are always welcome!

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