Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert issues big warning on return policies and refunds


    Martin Lewis is a household name these days when it comes to money problems. Known as the Money Saving Expert, the presenter has a plethora of tips and tricks on how to save. One big problem at this time of year – post-Christmas and in the middle of the January sales – is dealing with items you don’t want.

    This is thanks to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    If the 30 days is up you’ll have fewer rights, for instance you might only be able to ask for a repair or partial refund.

    “If you buy something in store you only have the right to refund if faulty,” explained Lewis.

    If it’s not faulty, “you don’t legally have a leg to stand on,” he said.


    In the show, Lewis spoke to one woman who had bought a poncho at a country fair but then regretted her decision, claiming she was only told the price at the last minute.

    However, legally the shopper was not entitled to a refund.

    Despite this, out of goodwill, the stall owner did in fact refund the poncho.

    But Lewis issued a warning to shoppers. He cautioned against “impulse buys.”

    Lewis did point out that companies cannot use the excuse of using a refund because you’ve taken an item out of a box as the buyer has no choice but to remove it to examine it.

    “It’s important to tool up on your rights,” Lewis warned.

    Other top tips regarding returns are: Take items back as quickly as possible, return it to the store not the manufacturer and consider paying by credit card if it’s over £100.

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