Perfume to dance for that Mickey Mouse money in a TV special


    Perfume to dance for that Mickey Mouse money in a TV special | Random J Pop

    Perfume will feature on Disney’s My music story, a series which takes a retrospective look at Perfume’s career, their connection to Disney and features performances of classic Disney songs.

    Perfume’s connection to Disney isn’t as obvious and widely referenced in their careers as it is say Britney Spears, Zendaya, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. But it’s there. Perfume’s “Polyrhythm” featured on the Cars 2 soundtrack back in 2011 and they appeared in a TV special back in 2013 where they performed Disney classics such as “Be our guest” from The Beauty and the Beast. And Disney are also a sponsor of Perfume’s P Cubed in dome tour.

    With Perfume being Perfume and also…Japan, this show will not be made available globally, which is a shame. The show will air on the Disney Deluxe service, which is basically Disney+ by a different name in Japan. Hopefully when Disney+ is available worldwide and Disney fully consolidate all of their services, this will indeed be made available globally. It makes sense given that Perfume’s music is available on all streaming services around the world. But just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean shit. Because…we know how Japan be with music, television and the Internet.

    Perfume’s My music story airs on January 31st. So look out for the Megaupload link on Tumblr on February 2nd.

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