Monday, September 21, 2020
    Psy criticized for his concert's female dancers being too...

    Psy criticized for his concert’s female dancers being too provocative ~ Netizen Buzz


    Article: Psy concert criticized by netizens for excessively provocative female dancers “is this really 2020?”

    Source: Top Star News via Nate

    1. [+803, -113] I’m a woman… and if you’re going to find stuff like this problematic, how are you going to watch things like the Can Can in the Moulin Rouge? Every cultural production of mankind has included sexual elements in them. How can you live if you find all of them problematic?

    2. [+618, -118] Surely the dancers are dressed like that because they like the performance? Why blame Psy?

    3. [+589, -123] So when a man shows off his abs and does the wave, everyone goes “kyaaah~~~”, but when a woman wears a bra on stage, everyone goes “ugh you perv~~~”… the hypocrisoy of Korean women.

    4. [+53, -8] I checked out the clips on YouTube and the male dancers rip their clothes off in similar fashion to the female dancers too. Psy’s concerts have always had a 19+ rating on them. We’re not in the olden days, this is completely reasonable, and it’s actually weaker than what Hyuna recently showed on stage. Not sure why people are questioning if this is “really 2020”. I consider myself a feminist but I don’t think this stage is worthy of debate… sex appeal can be exuded freely by man or woman, it’s not a bad thing…

    5. [+43, -4] This stage actually has both male and female dancers. The male dancers came out first and took their tops off along with a sexy dance before the female dancers came out after that. What’s with the bait?

    6. [+35, -5] Too many people finding everything problematic. It’s like complaining about a nude scene in a movie or why a woman is wearing a bikini on Instagram, f*ck ㅋㅋㅋ

    7. [+33, -6] It’s his personal concert, what do you expect them to be wearing? Dancing in hanbok?? It’s funny how feminists act all open-minded like America when it supports their argument and then they go backwards to the Chosun era on other issues like this.

    8. [+30, -6] So women have no problem with male idols ripping their shirts off at their concerts? It’s only a problem when women do it? It’s not like these dancers are dancing in the nude asking for your money ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    9. [+26, -4] Psy’s concerts have always been rated 19+, though…

    10. [+20, -4] How far are we going to take this? This wasn’t even a public broadcast concert, it was a personal concert… Please just leave people alone unless they’re committing a crime.

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