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    Random J Pop Deep cut: Whitney Houston

    Random J Pop Deep cut: Whitney Houston


    ?J Pop Deep Cut: Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day | Random J Pop

    I’m cheating a bit with this Deep Cut selection, because it actually was a single. But one which didn’t receive a music video. It’s also the one single from Whitney that I think is oft forgotten about due to the the likes of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” and “So Emotional” being such huge hits and the songs that most remember from the album.

    “Love Will Save The Day” might just be one of my favourites from the Whitney album. It was one of the few songs from the 1987 release which gave us Whitney’s personality in a way that not all of the other songs did. We got a bit of Matriarchal Whitney. A bit of church Whitney. A bit of street Whitney.

    “Love Will Save The Day” stuck out greatly on the album because of its sound, which could be seen as a response to the boom of Madonna at the time. Madonna was known for her uptempo cuts, whilst Whitney was still defined greatly by her ballads. But of course Arista records wanted to show that Whitney can compete with the club kids. After all, a bitch was from Jersey. The song was produced by Jellybean, who had produced one of Madonna’s biggest hits, “Holiday”, as well as remixing a bunch of her singles.

    “Love Will Save The Day” is not only a really good song, but it’s ominously fitting. It’s always been a fitting song, because there’s always somebody in the world who needs a word of encouragement and to be told that love will be the thing that saves them. But at a time when politics are a mess, the world is on literal fire and mental health is something that is being aired out in the open with more regularity than ever before, this song really does hit. It literally feels like it’s talking about all of the above with lyrics such as…

    Many things in this world bring you down
    It’s a wonder you can make it through the day
    Well, you can’t sleep because your problems are too deep
    And there’s always something getting in the way

    And when you turn on the evening news
    Mass confusion is the only thing you see
    Well, there’s no question
    That we need a new direction
    Because we all could use some peace and harmony

    “Love Will Save The Day” is some Nostradamus type shit.

    I always wondered why this song never got a music video. Me in 2020, still wondering why a song never got a music video, when this shit literally happens all the damn time.

    “Love Will Save The Day” managed to chart well without one. So a music video probably would have secured Whitney yet another Billboard number 1 single.

    Whitney was a church girl. So the injection of passion and personality that came through in the song was probably because of the subject matter, which could also be interpreted as turning to God with the mentions of prayer.

    Regardless of whether you’re a praying person or an atheist, “Love Will Save The Day” is still a much needed word of encouragement. The world is trash. Shit be tough. Sometimes we just be going through it. But Whitney tells no lies. Love will eventually save a shit day.

    In the meanwhile, make it pop to the cowbell.

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