yonige to drop “Kenzen na Shakai” album and documentary simultaneously

yonige to drop “Kenzen na Shakai” album and documentary simultaneously

yonige announced that not only a new album titled Kenzen na Shakai (健全な社会) is coming out, but also a live DVD titled Ippon2 will be released simultaneously on April 8.

Kenzen na Shakai is yonige’s second major album after two years, following-up the exceptional major debut album girls like girls. Its sole edition contains 10 tracks including their previous digital singles Ojogiwa⁠—produced by Chatmoncy’s bassist Akiko Fukuoka, and Mitai na Koto which was selected as the main theme in the comedy-drama film Oishi Kazoku written and directed by debutant, Momoko Fukuda.

As for the live DVD, this is the first video material yonige puts out, and it captures another first moment for vocalist Arisa, and bassist Gokkin⁠—their first performance at the Nippon Budokan. The DVD includes a documentary video in addition to the 22 songs performed at the said venue on August 13, 2019.

It’s impressive how yonige already achieved a solo performance at the prestigious Nippon Budokan in less than two years after their major debut. The follow-up album is now ready, and we are very impatient to hear what the girls have prepared for us in this promising project. Take a look at the music videos for Ojogiwa, and Mitai na Koto while we wait for the album to hit the shelves.

Kanzen na Shakai

Regular edition


  • 10 tracks to be announced

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Regular edition


  1. Revolver (リボルバー)
  2. our time city
  3. Saishuukai (最終回)
  4. Kao de Mushi ga Shinu (顔で虫が死ぬ)
  5. Nigatsu no Suisou (2月の水槽)
  6. Bad End Shuumatsu (バッドエンド週末)
  7. Avocado (アボカド)
  8. Sentimental Sister (センチメンタルシスター)
  9. Kanashimi wa Itsumo no Naka (悲しみはいつもの中)
  10. One Room (ワンルーム)
  11. Ojogiwa (往生際)
  12. Dou Demo Yoku Naru (どうでもよくなる)
  13. Saki (沙希)
  14. Psychedelic Yesterday (サイケデリックイエスタデイ)
  15. Veranda (ベランダ)
  16. Shiganai Futari (しがないふたり)
  17. Saiai no Koibito-tachi (最愛の恋人たち)
  18. Track (トラック)
  19. Sayonara Identity (さよならアイデンティティー)
  20. Haru no Arashi (春の嵐)


  1. Sayonara Prisoner (さよならプリズナー)
  2. Sayonara By Bye (さよならバイバイ)

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