Aewon Wolf Explains Reasons That Compelled Him To Take A Break In Music


Aewon Wolf Explains Reasons That Compelled Him To Take A Break In Music Speaking of his big Return rapper Aewon Wolf opened up about the reasons that led to him disappearing for a while in the spotlight.

The Cool Kids rapper stopped making music and took a few steps in digging deep into who he is and what he wants. The break wasn’t only about a self discovery journey but a loss of a family member and one suffering a stroke. He expressed that it was a

“I took a break just to work on myself. In 2016 towards the end of that year I had a huge wake up call. A father figure of mine passed away from stroke. Three months after that a father of mine suffered a stroke. After all that I had to put things on pause for a bit.

“The entire time I didn’t even realise I was not happy. I was going through the motions; giggling, drinking, partying and living the rock and roll lifestyle,” opened up Wolf speaking to City Press publication.

He cleared up that he wasn’t into addictive narcotics but it affected his professional life. Due to the condition of his father he told his business partners that he was going to take a break. And he did.

“It all had me thinking what my bigger picture and my purpose were. Am I gonna have a story of the things I’ve done then what?”

Three years later he made a massive comeback which marked his force to occupy space once more.

His album The Return can be streamed and downloaded below

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