Angola: Instrumental Music Integrated in Project


Luanda — The Angolan Songbook Heritage Memory project brings together, on 25 January, at the Luanda Naval Club, Angolan instrumentalists for the first Angolan urban folk music concert.

The cast consists of Votto Trindade, Brando, Teddy Nsingi, Ze Mweleputo and Pop Show (solo guitars), Zeca Tirileny and Gege (rhythm guitar), Dulce Trindade (rhythm and bass guitar), Carlitos (bass guitar), Joãozinho Morgado, Habana Mayor and Chico Santos (percussion), Raul Tolingas Zé Fininho and Didi da Mãe Preta (dikanza), Hóracio da Mesquita (concertina), Juca Vicente and João Diloba (bongos).

It will also have the special participation of Carlitos Vieira Dias, Eduardo Paim, Nanuto, Mario Gomes, Pirika, Matilsom Bas, Luis Massy, Blood, Mike Pemba and João Sabalo in the metals, as well as the União Operário do Kabocomeu on the horns.

The project aims to document the history of Angolan urban popular music through the use of imagery, documentary, oral and musical records, essentially focusing on the systematization of different facts that helped shape one of the most appreciated artistic heritage, in particular semba.

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