Thursday, September 24, 2020
    World Ex-Global Sheds Clarity On Flame Dating His Ex-Girlfriend &...

    Ex-Global Sheds Clarity On Flame Dating His Ex-Girlfriend & Reasons Behind ‘Wrecking Crew’ Split


    Ex-Global Sheds Clarity On Flame Dating His Ex-Girlfriend & Reasons Behind ‘Wrecking Crew’ Split. After years of questions and speculations surrounding the split of Wrecking Crew, one of the former members Ex-global comes forward with clarity.

    Wrecking Crew was one of the biggest Hip hop groups in the country, at least that was until the bitter split up where each artist branched out to be solo. The crew started being active back in 2017, shortly after A-Reece left Ambitiouz Entertainment

    A number of assumptions circulated fueld by the songs the rappers dropped, one of these were of how the crew split because Flame dated Ex-Global’s girlfriend.

    To shed some clarity on the news Ex-Global went to Twitter and put it out there that Flame is dating his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend seen with Flame now is a girl named Ashleigh Ogle.

    “I’ve been reading nothing but assumptions and lies for a WHILE now . Flame Is dating someone I used to date years back and he knew . So the whole story of me f#cking his girl and that’s how the crew split is a lie , stop it . The truth is no one’s friend , Enjoy the musi,” wrote Ex.

    Rapper Ecco, Rap/singer Flame and photographer Mellow said that the way things were managed is what caused a rift between them. 

    “After the tweets and everything, when we went to hash it out and everything, we spoke about it and we decided that: “okay guys, the visions are now split…” Let’s make it easy and then we can make it a fair and easy split,” explained Ecco speaking to Zkhiphani last year.

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