Monday, April 6, 2020

    Nadia Nakai Responds To Tweep Accusing Her Of Stock Piling!

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    Nadia Nakai Responds To Tweep Accusing Her Of Stock Piling! Nadia Nakai found cornered to explain herself after a tweet accused her of pile stocking following her post on twitter.

    On Monday following the announcement by the president that there would be a lockdown. The 40 Bars rapper took to twitter to share her excitement celebrating that because of her hoarder habits she had grocery supplies for the whole month and she would not take part in the shopping rush.

    I’m so happy I’ve been a hoarder shopper all my life. I feel like I have food already to last me the whole month! Babes! the shops tomorrow are going to be insane!Nadia Nakai posted.

    One tweep felt that the Chankura rapper wasn’t following the president’s directive of desisting from stock piling rebuked the Nadia for that.

    No need fo stock piling guys the president specifically said it” the tweep responded.

    Nadia who felt that she was misinterpreted explained that she never meant that she had stock piled but she had enough groceries to last her the whole lockdown period so there was no need for her to go shopping.

    “What I’m saying is, I don’t feel the need to go stock up on groceries tomo because I’ve always found myself buying a lot of stuff and stocking it anyway, therefore the staff I already have could last me 21 days.” Nadia explained.

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