Friday, July 3, 2020

    Pics! Emtee Launches New Range Of Kicks Under His Brand

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    Pics! Emtee Launches New Range Of Kicks Under His Brand. It has been long time coming for Emtee to expand his brand as more than just a trapper. After fighting to have his freedom he managed to release a new range of kicks in addition to his merch.

    When Emtee became a dominating household name he earned himself enough fame to have his name branded on new various range of clothes. Included in his Merch are jackets, t-shirts, caps, bucket hats and now sneakers.

    Em joins AKA, Flame and K.O as rappers who have released unique editions of kicks that scream swagg. This is a major milestone for someone who was forced to start from scratch. The exciting part is that fans have already put it on their budget to purchase the red and black Emtee shoes.

    “Yes sir! No rap cap! My own shoes naba!!! Lol 😂 thought it was over … usazowa,” he announced.

    When the Manando rapper released Wave and Brand New Day he assured fans that from then onwards things can only go up. After detailing a share of his struggles one can’t help but derive inspiration from him.

    “I do this for all those who doubted. My very own sneaker!!! Don’t underestimate me. MY OWN SHOES NIGGA. Not no ambassador shit. Made from scratch with the best sole, colors and designs. @emteerecords They fear me but I never had shit in my life,” – Emtee.

    Check Emtee Launches New Range Of Kicks Under His Brand:

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