“You don’t need fans,” PH RAW Advises Musicians & Explains Why


“You don’t need fans,” PH RAW Advises Musicians & Explains Why. When you a musician it is automatically expected of you to keep people around you, it gets to a point where some people aren’t adding value to your career.

Hip hop artist PH Raw raised a point most people haven’t looked deeper into. The DJ advised musicians who are willing to make it big that they must avoid keeping an unnecessary crowd around. Usually artists walk around with people who are with them because of the status, money and benefits not as contributors to the growth of the artist’s brand.

PH Raw said that the musicians must find a producer and an engineer to form part of their team.

“Advice to artist working on thier music… FIND A PRODUCER and an ENGINEER to form part of your team.”

He added on to make it clear as someone who has been in the industry for years that these artists don’t need to keep fans in their circle.

“Instead of having a bunch of niggas around u that know every word but really ain’t doing ish… You don’t need fans in your circle,” he wrote.

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